Team #WINAK – Family Relay Marathon in Graz


We tend to have our family telephone calls in the evenings when we are relaxed and are sitting there with a nice glass of wine. It sometimes happens that we come up with some strange ideas. This was one of them – “Hey, why not run a Marathon as a family relay.” The decision where to run was made quickly: 2017 Graz Marathon. Thanks to the internet it doesn’t take long from the idea to the actual sign up…

Now the only discussion was about the team name. After a few sips of wine on both sides of the phone the team name was found: #WINAK (wenn i nur aufhör’n könnt). This is the advertising slogan for a very popular Austrian candy called Dragee Keksi. Next thing on the list was the design of the logo for the team jersey. Since we were not allowed to use the candy bags due to copyright issues, we had to design our own and here it is:

The great thing with the location was that it was close enough for the whole family to gather. With the Mosheim family and the Pesendorfer family all in one place we also had the best fans on the whole course. In addition to that, we inspired Hans to join us in running and he signed up for the quarter marathon.

Day before race day. Time to pick up the bibs. Unfortunately the organizers did change the course and so we had to re-shuffle the team. We had to shuffle the bibs, resulting in everyone running under the name of someone else…

Of course we had to have the obligatory carbo loading at a nice Italian Restaurant in the city center of Graz. In order to be perfectly prepared, we rounded up the evening with a visit of one of the best Gelaterias you can find in Graz – the Eis Greissler.

Marathon day

We all gathered at the start and decided on the team tactics. In the meantime Hans was already warming up.

First out was Nienke who set the pace for the team. She did a great and achieved a new PB. On the second leg we had our fastest legs – Georg. He really nailed it – 4:20 min/km says it all. When Katharina took over we were already in a good position. She showed us what she is good for in a race and handed it over to me. So I had no other chance than going as fast as possible in order not to let down my teammates. In the end we clocked in at 3:37:32 as number 45 out of 149 teams.

Also Hans did a great job running his quarter marathon in under 1 hour, crossing the finish line in 55 minutes.

If there would have been a competition for the best supporters I’d say Ingrid, Peter, Christine, Florian, Mojca and Felix would have won the first price. This meant we all had a reason to celebrate this great day. Which we of course did – with a beer and some bites at the Glöcklbräu in the heart of the historic city center, and yet another visit of the Eis Greisslerei.

Some impressions of the run:

Finally we closed this fantastic day with a nice dinner together with our parents and Sibylle at the Aiola im Schloss.

It was a fantastic weekend with a lot of fun and great moments. Hence we are already planning the next family sports event. So stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted…

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