Autumn Weekender in Ramsau am Dachstein

The weather forecast in Oslo was not very promising, so we decided to get on the plane for a short autumn weekender in the Austrian Alps. On the menu: Hiking and Biking in the area.

Since we have never managed to hike up the Jungfernsteig in Ramsau, we decided to do this now with a good friend of ours and their kids as our guides. The weather was perfect – sunny but not too warm. In summertime it is often too hot to hike up, as there are no trees up the trail which would provide some shadow.

Normally this hike would take about 2 hours. But with some breaks for Kodak moments and enjoying the views, it took us somewhat longer.

Doing it together with the kids was perfect. They were eager to share all their tips and tricks around mastering such a trail. And with them entertaining us all the way up, there was no time for us to think about our fear of hights.

The GPS Coordinates of the hike:

Download file: Jungfernsteigtour.gpx

The next day was just as beautiful as the day before. Sunny, with almost no clouds, but still not too warm. So we decided for the epic ride up to Viehbergalm –  a must do when you are in the area and want to ride your Mountainbike. 

On the way up you have to climb through the “Öfen” (“ovens”), a 25% steep climb for a bit more than a kilometer. After that tough start, you’ll find two more sections that are a bit technical and also relatively steep (18-20%). The rest is pure fun and great views.

Once you are up at the Viehbergalm, we recommend to fuel your body with the delicious food at Ritzingerhütte (e.g. Steirerkrapfen, Steirerkasbread) in the fantastic surroundings. 

After lunch, the route leads you past Lake Miesboden – a little lake in a swamp surrounded by some impressive mountaintops. From there you continue down to a huge water reservoir surrounded by nothing else than high walls of rocks – Salzastausee. 

After riding a couple of kilometers alongside the reservoir/lake, we went back to Ramsau via our family castle in Moosheim, Aich and Weissenbach.
We do have some pictures for you to share as well 😉

And no tour without a GPS track to follow:

Download file: Viehbergalm.gpx
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