Sellaronda 2019 – It’s raining men

Passo Gardena

This year was a bit of a year in the saddle. We started off in Tuscany, went on to Kraichgau for Roland’s Half Ironman, in July we are doing the Giro delle Dolomiti and now we went off to do the Sellaronda bike day. Since we like to do it together with others, we invited our friends to come with us and enjoy a day in the Dolomites.

Arriving in the Dolomites

We checked in in one of the best hotels in the Dolomites: the La Perla. And it is really a beautiful hotel where you are not treated like a guest but more like a family member.

We only stayed there for two nights, but we for sure will come back again for a longer stay, just to soak up the scenery and landscape in the middle of the Dolomites even more.

A day in the saddle

The next day we got ready for the Sellaronda bike day. This is a day every June, when the whole Sellaronda is closed for cars and motorbikes and only open for cyclists. Unfortunately the weather was everything but inviting. So we got ready for a wet day in the saddle.

Even though the conditions were harsh, we had a great time riding our bikes and imagining how the mountains around us may look like on a sunny day. Riding and not taking care of cars, motorbikes or time taking is so much more relaxing and you can chat on the way up to the summits. That is what makes riding bicycles so much fun.

Here some impressions from our day on the Sellaronda:

What would be a blog entry without the obligatory GPS track?

Download file: Roland_Mosheim_2019-06-22_08-48-26.gpx

We’ll be back for sure

It was really a great day in the saddle. Only question left: how does the Sellaronda look like with some sun? We have to find out, and maybe next year we do have some sun and can enjoy the fantastic panorama of the Dolomites.

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