Short trip to Stockholm for Uni Graz Alumni meeting

ABBA Museum Stockholm

This year’s alumni meeting of our Alma Marter Karl-Franzens-University Graz and the Alumni Symposium was held in Stockholm. Having this event so close by, we decided to join at least for 24 hours to meet up with other alumni and one very special one: Sibylle.

It was our first time meeting many of them again after we’ve graduated from our University in 2002. Thus, many stories were shared and we met a couple of new people.

The next day was reserved for sightseeing in Stockholm on our own – and together with Sibylle, who turned out to be a perfectly prepared tour guide, showing us parts of Stockholm we haven’t seen yet in all those years …

Since it was a rainy morning, we started with a visit of the ABBA Museum. Really good fun and hard to get rid of the songs in our heads afterwards. The museum is not only about looking at some artefacts and reading a lot of stories, but rather interactive: You can sing karaoke, you can do you dance moves with the virtual ABBA group, re-mix ABBA songs and so much more. We really had a good time there.

We continued with a little walk through Södermalm and Gamle Stan. Those are two really different parts of Stockholm. Södermalm is more a kind of Bohemian part of the city with a lot of alternative bars and boutiques. Gamle Stan on the other hand is the historic city centre with old buildings, narrow streets and a lot of history, including a lot of tourist traps … 🙂 .

After a day with lot of impressions and so much fun together with Sibylle we had to head back home.
For Katharina it won’t be long until she meets Sibylle again.Stay tuned and you’ll find out where Katharina and Sibylle will show up again 😉

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