Relaxing weekend in Norefjell – Ski and Spa

Good morning Norefjell

Somebody said this time of the year is the most silent one. In fact it is the most hectic one, needing to finish up everything before year end both at work and in your private life. So we decided to do it differently this year and spend a weekend full of relaxing and enjoying the time together at the Ski and Spa Resort in Norefjell.

After work on Friday night, we had a nice dinner at home before we drove up to Norefjell after all the usal weekender traffic queues have been cleared. Still, it took us almost two hours to get there for the slightly more than 100 km from Oslo to Norefjell. Norwegian roads, speed limits and danger for moose crossing the nightly streets – that’s all I can say…

For us though, the journey to this weekend’s destination was already relaxing. We were enjoying the good music, the empty roads and the great company of each other. Once we arrived at the hotel, we took a short tour through the resort, bought a bottle of nice red wine and enjoyed it in front of the fire place in our room.

The next day we slept in a bit longer than usual. After a great breakfast at the hotel we decided to take a walk in the cold and snow to get into the right mood for a warm bath and some Sauna sessions in the Spa. It was pretty windy out there, but it still felt fantastic and we knew we had the Sauna and our bath tub waiting for us.

The next day we got kissed awake by the sun shining into our room, and a blue sky almost free from clouds. So we got up a bit earlier than the day before, had a nice breakfast and went out for a short and nice X-Country tour. A shortie that was a lot tougher than we thought. Mainly due to the wrong wax on our skis, but also due to the steep climbs. Not quite Alpe Cermis climb, but still up a downhill slope to start with…
But with so many great vistas on the way, we really enjoyed the short session.

Download file: Roland_Mosheim_2017-12-10_11-48-48.gpx

After the short training we got into the car and headed back to Oslo. It was a great weekend with a lot of quality time together and no time pressure. With our batteries recharged we feel ready for the countdown to Xmas.

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