Transalp Challenge 2011 – Boys do(n´t) cry

D-Day finally arrived. “Boys don´t cry” – the team consisting of Mario and myself are about to start at the Transalp Challenge 2011.

Just before the start we completed a final service of our “weapons of choice” (2 Cannondale Scalpels) at the bike dealer we trust – Toni’s Proshop including a visit of the city of Innsbruck.

What can possibly go wrong with such a huge support – not only by all the fans out there along the route, but also with Katharina as our team manager, along with Christine and Felix as the extended support team.

Unfortunately, the first day was a bit of a bummer… I went into the starting block with some fever and signs of flu. The first ascents were therefore not the easiest and I had to stop at a little creek on the way to the first peak to cool down and get my blood flow up again.

On the second stage I started with some medication to lower the body temperature; it certainly made the ascents much easier, but had some side effects, which I didn’t want to think of at that time. First after crashing during stage 3, I realized the unfortunate effect of aspirin (enhancing the bloodflow … i.e. not stopping the bleedings …

Though finishing stage 3 I had to admit the next morning that taking a pause was the only way forward.  I had to drop the following three stages, leaving Mario as a “single rider” in the competition.

When I made a comeback in stage 7, I was convinced that everything would be fine for the last two days of racing. Until someone bumped into me (from behind) in a single trail during stage 7 and sent me over the steering and into the woods. This time – and thanks to the steep hill I was landing on – I didn’t get much of an injury, but my bike was damaged. Again I finished the stage in an ok condition, but this time is was the bike that needed a break and was not ready for the final stage.

Luckily my teammate Mario was able to finish, such that at least one of the boys could actually put on the finisher jersey in Riva del Garda.

After a hard week of racing, it was time to relax at the lake Garda and my bike received a well-earned treatment (again) by Toni, the best mechanic in the Alps.


If you want to ride the same route we did, here are the GPS tracks to download:

First Stage:

Download file: EventsBikeTransalp2011Etappe01-1_95,55km.gpx


Second Stage:

Download file: EventsBikeTransalp2011Etappe02-1_55,96km.gpx


Third Stage:

Download file: EventsBikeTransalp2011Etappe03_94,03km.gpx


Fourth Stage:

Download file: EventsBikeTransalp2011Etappe04_72,33km.gpx


Fifth Stage: