Biking on Sardinia 2011

In Norway it was still frosty and the streets were still covered by a lot of snow. So there was no way we could start our bike season up there in the north.

After some checking on the internet we quickly decided that we should go for Sardinia. Temperatures should be nice, the road conditions were reported almost perfect and everybody said that the traffic was easy. So the decision was easy.

In order not to get lost we decided to book our flights the safe way with a proper airline – Lufthansa – with a stopover at a reliable Airport – Munich. Well, the safe bet is not always that safe as you might think…

Exactly when we landed in Munich the automated logistics broke down. So the only thing that made it over to Sardinia besides us were our bikes. This sounds good at first sight, when you look closer this could be a bit more complex. Riding Bikes without clothes can be cold for example 😉

Cold and windy start

What we also learned is that the bike season had not started yet. So we had a hard time to get bought clothes and cycling gear on the island.

Checking the map and possible routes

Even though we had to wait for almost the whole week for the arrival of our stuff, we had a great time and got a lot of mileage into our legs. The first two days were a bit cold though -including some snow in the mountains. But then the weather god was on our side and we had some beautiful rides.

Had a lot of fun on empty roads
Up into the mountains
along the shores

Despite the hick ups with our luggage it was a great decision to go to Sardinia for the bike holidays. The roads were fantastic, almost no traffic, and the cars that were there were bicicletta-fans. Besides that the mountain passes were great to ride, the views were great, the Sardinians great hosts and the food an wine simply delicious.

Stopping for a coke

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