Summer Vacation

Summer vacation – can it get any better?

After some tough months with a lot of work and Kathy about to start into a new job we decided that it was about time to take a longer break than usual and went for 4 weeks off (with some work periods here and there).

So off we went to Austria to spend some time out there in the nature doing what we love most: Mountainbiking, Roadbiking, Hiking, Running, meeting friends and family and having a lot of quality time just the two of us.

After a long car ride including a pit stop in Berlin where we got our hair cut by our favourite hairdresser Andreas Hofmann we started our vacation with a nice hike in Ramsau, discovering the Wolf canyon (aka Wolfsschlucht).


One of the highlights of the vacation was also when Roland became Lumberjack for one day. What a great experience and such a difference to an office job…


On the Hike up to Rittisberg Kathy was riding a bull on the Ochsenalm… so I think this “Brettljause” was well deserved…


Twice we crossed over to the Murtal – once with the road bike biking via the Sølkpass to Krakauebene, passing the Prebersee, and once with the Mountainbike via Forstau and the Oberhüttensattel both times with Tamsweg being our target.


Roadbike tour to Tamsweg:

Download file: Roland_Mosheim_2016-07-16_08-50-33.gpx


Mountainbike tour to Tamsweg:

Download file: Roland_Mosheim_2016-07-21_09-03-54.gpx


In between all the sporting activities we also visited Kathy´s brother with his family and enjoyed the time together with them watching Felix showing off his biking skills on his new Vespa – a true Vespisto…


Before driving back to Oslo we tried out the recipe we got from Ingrid and produced some delicious Apricots liquor.


4 weeks pass by so quickly, but we came back re-energized and were ready to take on the new challenges waiting for us in our jobs.

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