Turning 30 – celebrating with oldtimers

Now it was my turn as the next one in the pack to turn 30. Andreas, Gregor and Harald have already jumped into their thirties some time ago. In order to level my age and to appear younger, I decided to celebrate it amongst Oldtimers.

So, we gathered at the tractor museum in Stainz where some of the tractors are older than 50 years.

First, all the guests went through a short briefing on how to drive such a vehicle. Even though it is not rocket science, it is still quite a difference compared to driving a normal car.

All of us grasped it very quick and we took off for a tour through the Styrian Schilcherland.

Starting in Stainz, we drove to our first stop at the oil mill of Herbersdorf. This is one of the many mills where the famous Styrian pumpkin-seed oil is produced. Even though this oil looks a bit like motor oil, it is just delicious. It has a nutty taste, which makes it perfect as dressing for a salad but also for scrambled eggs or drizzled over some vanilla ice cream. Our guide and major of this little town, Gernot Becwar, took us on guided tour through the mill. Followed by a tasting of the “Styrian gold”, both pure and in form of scrambled eggs with pumpkin seed oil accompanied by a glass of Schilcher.

Schilcher is wine from a unique grape (“Wildbachertraube”), only grown in this area. Even though it looks like a rosé, it tastes completely different: very crisp and fruity, with a hint of red currant. If you are in Styria, taste it, also as sparkling wine or “Schilchersekt”.

After this little snack, we had to prove our tractor driving skills by completing an obstacle parkour. Not only you had to be a skill-full driver, you also had to be smart as you had to answer some questions around pumpkin seed oil, the tractor museum and western Styria.

The winning team (Maria and Ulrike) didn´t enjoy their prize for very long as the rules said, that the winning team has to give the prize to the losers (Ines and Bernd). If we would have known that in the beginning, we would have tried to lose 😉

Right after the victory ceremony, we drove back to the Museum and from there to the Buschenschank Schober in St. Stefan.

You may not know what a Buschenschank is – this is a typical Styrian tavern, where the owners are only allowed to serve their own wine (from their vineyard) and homemade dishes. If you are in Styria, don´t miss that. Here you get great wine, good regional and traditional food and the best – all that at a good value for money.

My biggest wish was always an original Coca Cola Vending machine. You know, the one you see in movies from the fifties. That was the only wish I had for my birthday. Yes, I do also like watches, but the vending machine was THE number one on the list. When we had our stop at the oil mill Katharina and the rest of the group told me, that they knew about my vending machine wish, but unfortunately “they couldn´t find one” – Thus, I was asked to choose one of the watches from a catalogue, which they showed me instead. Even though I tried to hide my disappointment, everybody saw that this was not exactly what I was hoping for. Back in the Buschenschank though, they took that topic up again, telling me, that it was only a joke – a bad one I have to say – and that they got hold of a Coke vending machine. You can´t imagine how happy I was and still am, whenever I see this beauty in our apartment! That must have been the greatest gift I got – EVER…

The rest of the night was one big party with all my family and friends around I had such a great time. I can only recommend getting 30, it is a lot of fun 🙂

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