Copenhagen to run the first Marathon

That is what happens if you have a boss with visions and you drink too much on the Christmas Party. Suddenly the whole team signs up for a Marathon. This is what happend to me back in 2012. Due to an injury I couldn’t participate in 2013, but I was able to postpone my registration to the year after. So in 2014 I had to be in Copenhagen to run the Marathon.

Even though I only had a bit more than two months to prepare, I felt ready to finish it at least. This also due to the fact that I had the best support on the course even money can’t buy – my girl!!

The race was on Sunday, so we took the chance to fly in on Friday for some sightseeing and for a bit of an acclimatisation. Both of us have been on projects in Copenhagen and we have seen a quite a bit of Copenhagen, so we didn’t do all the tourist tracks. But there was one thing we haven’t seen before and that was Christiania. Christiania is a little enclave within Copenhagen where people live out their free spirit and where liberalism rules.

We spend the evening before race day looking for opportunities where Katharina could wait to cheer for me. I memorized those places and kept it as sort of stages during the run. That really helped me as a motivation and to split up this distance into stages that were easy to accomplish. During the run I really enjoyed it looking for the motivational smile of my girl which kept me going to the finish line. In the end of the race it started to rain, which on the one hand was good, because it cooled me down a bit, but on the other hand washed away the spectators along the route. So the last couple of k’s were much quieter than the first ones.

All in all I really enjoyed my first marathon and already on the flight back I was thinking about participating in the next.

Here the route for you to try it out once you are in Copenhagen 😉

Download file: Roland_Mosheim_2014-05-18_09-32-47.gpx
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