Backcountry lessons Part 1

Lately Katharina had her 40th birthday. Yes, I know, unbelievable but true… She loves to be active outdoors and discovered backcountry skiing in the last couple of years. In order to make sure she is safe her friends and family decided to give her some safety training with a guide and instructor.

Of course this is all a bit depending on the weather and snow conditions. Finally now in January it was the right time and conditions to start with the course.

As a first one we choose an relatively easy one – which was good as Katharina was still suffering from a bad cold and was coughing all the way up the mountain…

The first lesson had a pretty packed schedule. Not only did we go up the mountain – learning some uphill skills like switch backs – we also did snow analysis, tracked the avalanche finder and had some theory blocks on snow conditions and general safety. A lot of things to remember, but very interesting.

Here are some pics we made during the day:

And of course there is also the route we took:

Download file: Roland_Mosheim_2017-01-27_09-24-50.gpx
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